Laura O Foster


Laura O. Foster

Author, Pacific Northwest guidebooks

Lake Oswego


Fifteen thousand years ago, the Missoula floods roared out of the Columbia River Gorge and sculpted a lakebed out of an old river channel.

In 1847, Albert Durham built a home and mill at the lake's outlet, calling the area Oswego. In the 1860s, iron ore mined from the hills gave rise to the hope that Oswego would become the Pittsburgh of the West.

It didn’t quite happen that way.
Two decades after its hillsides had been logged and the iron industry failed, the city reinvented itself as an elegant streetcar suburb of Portland, a place where people could live where they played.

Oswego Lake's shores were soon lined with picturesque homes, and pleasure boats and water-skiers roamed its waters.

Lake Oswego chronicles the town's bucolic beginnings, industrial heyday, and successful reinvention as one of Oregon's most beautiful towns.

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