Laura O Foster


AM Northwest
I’ve been on AM Northwest often to talk about intriguing places to discover in and around Portland. Here are a few segments:

Columbia Gorge Getaways, for my book of the same name. I talk about some of my favorite places to explore in the gorge in the summer.

Roaming Hillsdale, for a now out-of-print walking tour booklet I did for the Hillsdale Main Street Association.

Walking with Ramona, for my book of the same name that explores the 1920s Portland places of Portland’s most famous author, Beverly Cleary.

In "Portland Stairways" I explore some of Portland’s hidden and intriguing public staircases, many built during the streetcar era. Oregon Field Guide, 2009

In "Walking History Tour of Portland," I explore vestiges of Portland’s past that are hiding in plain sight, from Oregon Field Guide, 2006

In “Discovering Beverly Cleary,” I take the Oregon Art Beat film crew on a tour of the famous author’s neighborhood, in celebration of Mrs. Cleary’s 100th birthday in April 2016

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"Explore Ramona's World with Portland Walks author," 2009

"Free guide to Portland area's best walks" 2008

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“Free guide to Portland area’s best walks: Metro’s Walk There!” July 14, 2008

“City walks writer cites Nob Hill oddments.” November 20, 2008

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“Book Report: Writer rambles with Ramona.” March 2, 2016

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